I Can’t Stop Wearing These ‘Elevated Basics’

We all have passions in life, mine just so happens to be elevated basics. Elevated basics is the loving term for all those essential closet staples you can’t live without, but with a little kick. They’re the pieces that can be worn with just about anything, dressed up or down and are usually one of a few neutral colors–black, white, grey, beige, etc. My closet is made up of almost exclusively basics or elevated basics so I wanted to show you a couple of my recent favorites.


I’m a sucker for any pair of jeans with raw cuffs so when I saw the Ksubi Slim Pin pair, it was love at first sight. These jeans are another thing I waited months for but I recently found a dupe pair of Levi’s that I absolutely love and also wear constantly.

Doc Martens are another thing I live in. Despite my tendency to completely ruin every pair of shoes I own, these are beyond durable and stay looking perfect no matter how many times I wear them. I wear them all the time with jeans and don’t know how my wardrobe ever existed without them.

These sneakers are everywhere so you may have seen them before but I had to include them because I can’t get enough. They’re so cute, so easy and are my go-to sneakers for errand-running days!

There is nothing better than a nice, Winter white, is there? I’m constantly looking for white pieces in the Winter and these H & M pants are perfect to complete a monochrome outfit or pair with a chunky sweater. They fit great and are a perfect alternative to the Rachel Comey pants I wore all Summer.

I bought this bag as a little birthday present to myself and I can’t tell you how much I regret not buying it in another color when I had the chance. All of By Far’s bags are sold out everywhere which is so annoying, but I signed up for about a thousand email alerts on a thousand different websites for when they restock so I’ll post on my Instagram (@jadeiovine) when they’re finally available again! Also, their shoes are incredible so I highly suggest checking those out too.

Another pair of boots because, well, these are important.  I love these Mango boots to dress up any outfit and are my favorite statement boot for Winter. I live in ankle boots and most of mine are pretty plain and simple so I’m very excited about these “elevated basic” boots.

These Jennifer Fisher hoops are everything to me. I’ve worn them every single day since I bought them a couple weeks ago and now I can’t imagine my life without them.

I had to include this Zara mini dress because it’s so perfect and it’s also an opportunity to tell you about Zara’s insanely amazing collection on mini dresses right now. If you’re looking for a fun/cute/festive holiday party outfit, look no further.

Everlane for the win yet again.This Everlane bag is the perfect gift for any girl on your list (I bought one for my sister who I’m praying won’t read this before Christmas). I have it both in burgundy and black use it every single day, no exaggeration. It’s designed to fit your laptop (and many other items) perfectly and is by far the best work bag/carryon I’ve ever owned.