3 Hacks That Will Change Your Life

I’m always a sucker for a good life-hack. No matter how ridiculous, if it’s gonna make my life easier, I am so there for it. A big part of this blog will be dedicated to those glorious life hacks that I know you’ll love, too. These are my three most coveted at the moment, and each has completely changed my life–no exaggeration–so after a long internal debate about whether or not to share these, I decided to let you in on the secret. 

Spanx Workout Leggings

I never really paid any attention to what I was wearing to work out. It always was some weird combination of a sports bra I’ve had for the past seven years and whatever leggings were at the top of the pile.

I started noticing a new wave of celebrities wearing workout leggings and I was stumped because unlike the ones I owned they didn’t have any sign of  unflattering “squeeze” a.k.a no muffin-top and they looked like they just fit in theirs better than I did or something–I couldn’t figure it out.  

So I left this case marked unsolved and continued to shlep myself to pilates in my normal, frumpy garb until my sister–I give her all the credit for this hack–told me these women I’d seen in these mystery pants were wearing Spanx Active Leggings.

Ok, now this might be the best secret trick I have right now.  No lie, from the second these arrived at my house and I felt them, I knew I was probably never going to buy another brand of workout pants again–and I haven’t.

The waistband, which might just be the best part, makes the transition from legging to stomach seamless and they look like they were made for you. They hit right at the most flattering part of your waist and cause no muffin-top, no unnecessary squeezing at all. And because they’re made by Spanx–God bless Spanx– the fabric is designed to make your legs look slimmer—plus zero VPL, so you can downward dog until your heart is content. 

These will make you look at the brand and its genius in a whole different light and mark my words you will never go back to your old favorite pair ever again.

Packing Cubes

If you’re going on any trips this summer, this next hack is going to change your life. I may be really late to the party on these ones, but how did I not know about these guys before?! You may think you’ve already got this whole packing thing down, but boy are you wrong.

I’m a total last-minute packer, which a lot of the time just results in my clothes piled on top of each other, with no rhyme or reason and it’s a complete disaster every single time. I only learned about packing cubes recently and now I can’t pack without them. 

You can get them as cheap or as fancy as you’d like—there really is no difference. They come in different patterns and colors so I like to get two sets, one for a carry-on and one for my larger suitcase. Then, you don’t need to fold or roll or anything! You simply pile the clothes onto each other lying flat or folded once–I don’t know exactly how, but you’ll notice you have so much more room in your luggage.

I organize my cubes into categories like pajamas, pants, tops, etc. and then keep one for dirty clothes when I’m finished with the trip. With a place for everything and everything in its place, you’ll thank yourself big time when you go to unpack!

Clip-in Extensions

OK, so this is one you’ll probably hear me talk about a lot on here. But honestly, I wrestled with whether or not to share this one because it really is my most coveted life-hack secret. A lot of people are confused about clip-in extensions, but when they’re cut right, match your color, and are styled, they are so magical. Put it this way, if you don’t like them, chances are you’re not wearing them correctly.

Whenever I go to my hairstylist, I bring them with and ask him to cut each piece to match my cut/length and to then he’ll style them for me cause he has this way of curling my hair that I’m absolutely addicted to. Then, because I take them out before I go to sleep they hold their curl and I have professionally done hair for the week. 

What’s awesome about these is that once they’re styled, they pretty much do your hair for you. And after I have my hairstylist curl them for me, I can pop them in any time and feel like I just had my hair professionally done. They are the absolute best trick for a quick confidence boost. They can make your hair fuller and/or longer—you can choose to make them solve whatever problem you have with your hair! I have a tutorial coming soon on how to put them in because I’ve become a clip-in-extension expert after almost ten years of practice!

I get mine at the Hair Shop in Los Angeles, but you can get them online here