7 Things That Will Take Your Self-Care Game to the Next Level

1. Magnifying Mirror:

Ok, I know I think all of the things on this list are life-changing, but this one really may be my one, most prized, self-care possession. I almost left it out of this list because I don’t even think of it as a tool anymore—it’s permanently part of my bathroom and comes with me everywhere.

I don’t think a day goes by without it being used at least twice so, needless to say, I’m addicted and completely dependent on mine. It’s scary at first— don’t get me wrong–you may find yourself extremely overwhelmed by being able to basically count your pores, but with this mirror, you’ll never find yourself leaving the house with something in your teeth or a lash out of line.

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2. Dr.Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer:

This is absolutely my biggest obsession at the moment. I’ll come home from a long day and the thought of washing my face sounds just as appealing as a 9pm workout—but now I can’t wait to get home and use this steamer. I think a big part of my love for this machine is that it makes me feel like I’m at a spa, especially if I put essential oils in the water. The other reasons are easy: It’s portable, it makes my skincare products more effective by allowing my pores to open and absorb the product, and I just feel like my skin is so much cleaner after I use it. I just love this little steamer—so much I can’t say it enough! I don’t think many facial tools are worth it, but this one definitely is.

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3. Vitamin C Filter: 

So we blame our skincare products, our laundry detergent, the weather, our job, or just about anyone/anything else when it comes to breakouts. But until recently, I hadn’t thought of my shower as a reason I can’t get rid of these stubborn zits. You can get this on Amazon and it’s super easy to install to your showerhead. It removes chlorine from your shower water, which can have drying and damaging effects on your skin and hair. You’ll see a difference immediately. On day one of using it, I noticed my face was ten times less red than normal and my hair dried with less frizz or flyaways than I’ve seen in a while. I’ve only been using it for a month, but I really think this thing is magic. My boyfriend gets really uncomfortable razor burn after he shaves his beard, and this has helped that when we thought nothing else could!

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4. Extraction Tool:

OK, before someone calls the police, I’m not suggesting anyone should pop their pimples. I know I’m definitely so guilty of it, but if you can avoid it, do. If you can’t resit and a white head has formed this tool is all you need. I bought these extraction tools off Amazon and they’re the super-fancy facialist-looking tool you can use to properly and cleanly attack those whiteheads. I suggest steaming first, applying a warm compress to the pimple, and then after sanitizing, gently use the tool to get those stubborn blackheads around your nose!

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5. Caboodles:

In my humble opinion, there hasn’t been anything this revolutionary in a long time. This is a beauty game-changer. The caboodle is a travel case for your skincare and beauty products, and it answers all our prayers–in cute colors! This is the perfect thing if you’re fed up with products exploding or breaking in your cosmetic bag because the Caboodle is hard, it gives your precious products an extra layer of protection. 

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6. Slip Silk Pillow Case:

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, your pillowcase is important. Imagine you do an entire ten-step routine and your skin is perfectly balanced and moisturized only to then be dirtied by the pillowcase that you’ve been sleeping on for the past week. Try to change your pillowcase every two days, and get one of these silk ones! It’ll help keep your blowout for a couple days longer, won’t pull on your skin to cause wrinkles, prevents hair breakage… the list goes on!

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7. ‘My Pillow’:

Yes, the My Pillow you’ve seen on those infomercials at 2AM. This pillow changed my life. I have terrible neck pain and used to use a mountain of pillows until I heard my family members individually rave about this new pillow they tried. Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it—it will change the way you sleep 100%.

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