The 5 Pairs Of Sneakers You Need In Your Closet

You will never not see me in a pair of platform sneakers. They are the ultimate solution to a day where you feel stumpy and bloated, and they’ll give you the lift of heels without the pain and hassle.

I think I invested in my first pair of platform sneakers in the ’90s when I wasn’t tall enough to ride the rides at Disneyland. I took a bit of a hiatus, but they are back and I am in love. They’re perfect to pair with jeans or a sundress and will make your legs look long and thin without anyone being able to really tell exactly why. It’s easy to hear platform sneakers and assume they’re these chunky obnoxious things, but I’m telling you, that was then and this is now. Platform sneakers have had their 21st century makeover. These are my favorites—like really my favorites that I wear every day—and I think everyone needs some in their closet.

Superga 2790 ACOTW Platform Sneakers $80:

These are beautiful, white clean platform sneakers perfect to pair that crisp clean white shirt or compliment any dress in a minimalist way. These are more structured than the other ones on this list, so my only suggestion on that front is to definitely wear socks with these to avoid blistering. These are the shoes that will save you every morning because they go with everything and don’t easily dirty despite them being white. I swear I’ve done just about everything in these, and while my other white shoes have gotten irreparably dirty, these ones are like cats—they have nine lives. And thank god for that because I wear them more than I’d like to admit.

Vince Warren Platform Sneakers $225: 

Is there anything on this planet more godly than a slip-on sneaker? I’m so glad you asked… the answer is “yes.” Yes there is a slip-on, platform sneaker. These are so cute and so easy that I have them in four colors. They’re a little pricey, but I’ve bought them on sale a couple times, so I think if you do a little digging online, you may be able to find a deal. They’re just perfect and look really chic while being hands-down the most comfortable shoe I own.

Opening Ceremony Slip-On Platform Sneakers $195: 

These were my intro into the platform world, and they were what reignited my love affair with a slip-on sneaker. These are a little funkier than the Vince version and a little more modern than the traditional Superga or Converse design. The top is made out of a very stretchy fabric, so they’re super durable and even more comfortable. These are perfect if the other platform sneakers look too basic for you, and they come in several different, fun colors.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Ox Sneakers $65 :

These are an upgraded version of the cult-classic Converse Chuck Taylor, and make the once perfect shoe even more perfect. I live in these and throw them on more often than any other shoe I have. They go with everything, and last what seems like an eternity despite how often I wear them. They’re awesome because they’re the least obvious platform. They don’t look like they have a platform unless you look closely from the side–very understated, perfect if you’re looking for an understated shoe. 

Ash Cult Platform Sneakers $188:

These are the “cool girl” version of platform sneakers. They have a sort of, Adidas-y vibe and are clean, white leather sneakers with a hint of color on the back heel. They’re very understated, but hipper than other sneakers with the accent. I love them with jeans or leggings, and they can upgrade any casual outfit with a slight statement. They’re also ridiculously comfy because they’re cushioned at the bottom, so if you weren’t sold already, they really might be the comfiest sneakers I own.